The Lady of The Cat is a creation myth. Our children wanted to know how stars came to wink at them in the night sky and how the northern lights ignited their shimmering dance of colour.    

Long ago, the night skies were pitch black, posing never ending danger for ancient families who were forced to travel at night, in search of food.

One very brave little girl followed her heart instead of her parent’s instruction and opened the hut door , in a raging winter storm, to save a starving , shivering snow cat from certain death. Her kindness was rewarded by the grant of a wish from a  magic feline spirit: “ The fire had burned low. It was absolutely still.She couldn’t see the snow cat anywhere. Then suddenly, in the corner of the hut, there it was, spinning in a tail chase. Toeshia watched in amazement as the rotations blurred into a tornado of fur which spiralled upwards into a dark cloak. Above that was the most remarkable face she had ever seen: with deep grey feline eyes and delicately pointed ears, The finely chiseled features of this graceful creature were framed by a crown of black cascading hair. Toeshia felt calm and unafraid. For the first time in a long time, she felt wonderfully warm. “

Read this story to find how this little girl’s courage and kindness changed our world forever. The illustrations of Bonita Johnson deMatteis leap from the page and dance like the flames from the warming hut fire.

Available through Ginger Press.